jueves, 15 de marzo de 2007

Marlango (I)

Automatic imperfection

there are children playing under lamp posts / pretending they are trees / they climb up and fall down / hard on their knees / into this grass we built for them, / this puzzle made of dreams and nightmares / behind the curtains / every rule and conversation / sometimes, somehow moon finds a cradle / in traffic lights. and it works out.

there are lovers kissing under ads / pretending they are stars / sometimes when i'm tired i waste my wishes / in city lights / sometimes, somehow, the moon finds a cradle / in traffic lights. and it works out / all the lives behind the curtains / every rule and conversation / every lie and every law / don't convince me as much / as when somehow sometimes wind makes this city / smell of real life

'cos somehow, sometimes dawn gets tanggled / in traffic lights and it works out, sometimes.

Pequeño vals

would you mind if i just sit down here / and watch you dance that waltz? / it gives faith just to see / what two people can be / with a pattern / and a glass of bubbles

who can tell if the scent that i smell / is the same for both of us? / who can say if the colours i see / are the same for you and me?

your steps draw the milkyway / i see stars glowing in your footsteps round and round / and a round building a milkyway for me.

Architecture of lies

i used to think one day i learn / the truth about life / treasured everything i saw / nailed to the wall of certainties / then life came along / and casually pulled down / my house

used to think i would understand / things now i learned theres nothing / to be understood

then i believed everything i touched / was a lie impossible to live up to / pull down brick by brick / the fence around mi life / burnt the flowers 'cos i thought / they were alibis

now i observe constructions round me / architecture of sophisticated lives / warehouses to pile up mistakes / woodsheds to hide the dreams we give up on

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por la foto para hoy, digo.

Alfredo dijo...

Y no será la última. Zapatos de tacón y bonitas piernas de mujer hacen una combinación perfecta.